in terms of love;

in terms of love,

she had always been capable

of loving a lightless pit

people told her to stay away from

and deciding to dive into

the unfathomable depths

inside of him.



#2018firstpost: 30 Days Writing Challenge

source: pinterest

First post in 2018, yes, I know.

Well, hello and happy (one month late) new year to all of you who reads this!

I still haven’t gone back into my writing mode, but this picture piqued my interest—it’s a daily challenge, and I thought writing them as they are would be extremely mundane. Hence, I will upgrade the challenge into another form of writing: I will tell my answer the way I write my excerpts, complete with the narration.

So… let’s begin, shall we? I hope this might cultivate positivity into my mind, or even your life!