her mind, a constant warfare;

     she is always torn between her good conscience and the devil’s whispers.

her tongue, the deadliest blade;

     be careful of what you say, she speaks nothing but the truth and plays the lexicon game fluently.

her skin, the shining armour;

     every scars she attain had turned into silvery shell, protecting her very being.

her face, dusted with ash and rust;

     not very pretty, although you find yourself captivated by every lines, curves and flaws.

her life, the chaotic battlefield;

     but you like it anyway.

// picture credit: @carolkuntjoro

um… hi?

so I did leave this blog empty for a while since I had no idea what to post and I had no confidence on showing my works in here at all…

I guess it’s time to properly introduce myself.

the name is Chella. I’m an eighteen years old Communication Science/Journalism student whose head is filled with endless imagination of mellifluous words and dulcet visuals.

…aaand that’s all you need to know. forgive me, I like keeping things a bit private. don’t fret though! you can DM me on my social medias and get to know me better personally—I don’t bite ( ´ ▽ ` )

lastly, enjoy your trip to my field of thoughts!❤️ (don’t be afraid to get lost—there’ll be a fox who will guide you to the way out.)


chella lin.