the dilemma of a chef in a boarding house

No-bake Tiramisu in a jar;

Finally, I get to actually make this on December 2, after struggling with assignments, a lot of responsibilities, and a bit of procrastination. Surprisingly, tiramisu was extremely easy to make even if you’re in a boarding house lacking of few vital utensils—well, a little hard work in one step, but still!

This is a subbed-on-a-few-elements classic version: ladyfingers soaked with strong black coffee; a layer of mixture of mascarpone, whipped cream, rum, and sugar; and a dust of chocolate drink powder.

(Yes, you did not read all of those ingredients wrong.)

Put then in a nutella jar—voila! You have an Italian dessert in your possession. Might not be as good and scrumptious as the original version or the ones in the bakery near your house, but it’s enough to satisfy your craving.

P.S. I did not use any mixer here. I whipped everything manually because there was not any supporting utensils in my boarding house.


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