a very late season greetings!

Merry Christmas 2016 and Happy New Year 2017 to everyone! I pray that ’17 will be your year❤️

I haven’t posted anything since… well, my latest post. So I decided to contribute my very first post in this year to my…

*drum rolls*

My short stories compilations!
This is one of the greatest achievement in my life (yeah no shite because I am a lazy-beyond-belief potato) woohoooo! And guess what, college actually made me do this HAHAHA. Maybe, after the final examinations, I will review and edit the stories mercilessly and send it to a publisher or something.

Anyways, why The Theory Of Winter? Because the shorts here are set in winter. I have never actually felt the real winter—only heard, saw, and listened to the depiction of winter in songs, films, books, etc. Theoritically. Hence the title.

The characters are fictional, yet so precious to me. Some are not my creation, really, they are my best-friends’ hehe❤️ But again, I kind of ‘treat’ them like my own children and I love them so much, so much that I want them to be a part of this book.

There are five stories and all of them are love-oriented (lol I’m sorry I’m such a melancholic). Probably going to post all of them in this blog… Just wait!;)

Last but not least, I hope I can muster up more courage so this book will appear soon in your nearest bookstore. Hehe.





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