89632 feet deep;

i am as deep as an unexplored ocean,my eyes hid secrets from the sunlight,
and my heart’s a creature everyone fears.

so i dare you,
to come dive
into unforgiving world of mine,
and not coming back to see the lands.



an impromptu business;

   [ 10 April 2017 ]

This is a last minute birthday present for my aunt.
I just remembered her birthday before going to the evening Palm Sunday Holy Mass. She asked me when my Monday class will end, and if I will be able to make it to her house before 6 PM. She has been a real help for me in this city, so I returned the favour by saying I could drop by before dinner to celebrate her birthday.
Long story short, everything I do here, is completely spontaneous.
I stopped by at a mall to buy a nice frame and coloured paper then continued to make the card in the frame until midnight by hand. The next morning, I rolled the rose petals and set the frame as depicted in the picture while selling food for a campus event fundraising and finishing another assignment at the same time.
So yeah, the result is satisfying enough for a last minute gift.
{{ FAQ: 71st birthday? Are you sure it’s not your grandmother?

{{ A: You didn’t read it wrong—she’s my mum’s older cousin.