film review – king arthur: legend of the sword;

(5/12) As a person who enjoys a quality me-time, I sometimes pop into the nearest theatre and purchase one ticket for a choice of film, buy a slice of pizza bread accompanied with a glass of lemon tea, and walk through the studio door while ignoring the judging eyes from some people who clearly doesn’t know what it’s like to become completely absorbed in a whole other universe.

Just this Friday, I did all of those things–I chose King Arthur: Legend of the Sword because I read a bunch of names I recognised and absolutely admired. (I mean, hello, there’s Charlie Hunnam, Jude Law, Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Eric Bana, Katie McGrath, Freddie Fox. Couldn’t ask for more.) Then, there’s a cameo from England’s sweetest football player too, so I figured, why not?

Let’s get down to business!

First, when I saw the opening scene of Mordred’s kingdom vs Uther’s, I see a lot of uncanny resemblance to Game of Thrones, but in a good way, I guess. (Maybe I read and watched too much GoT.)

Since this is definitely a different version of King Arthur’s tale, I noticed several major changes. For example, how there is no Merlin’s interfering whatsoever happening in the film, hence the brothers’ fight for the throne did not exactly happen (since Vortigern had his own way to ‘respectfully‘ abdicate Uther), Arthur was then floated to a slum, and Merlin’s role as the heir’s mentor was handed over to the Mage. In addition, Arthur’s personality radiates a douchey aura rather than a reasonably self-centered and pompous young man, and then there’s this possible flickering romance between Arthur and the Mage. You know what I mean, you have to had seen the tension lingering between them too. Blargh. Cliches.

Anyways, in the beginning, I was extremely thrilled when I saw Eric Bana and Jude Law as brothers, along with their roles’ spouses. But then, Katie McGrath as Elsa dies. She literally only appeared for a few seconds and that’s it. Disappointed Chella is Disappointed.

Moving on to the next point, where Arthur had grown up to a charming, handsome lad. Even though his attitude isn’t what I expected, he still had some chivalry for the women (seriously, I am living in the age where I think chivalry is dead, even in fictional world) and we are led to the next disappointment: Vortigern didn’t make the sword-pulling thing a competition. He bloody marked (almost) all of the men of his kingdom.

Oh, a little trivia, David Beckham’s cameo almost went unnoticed despite the momentary ECU or CU shot of him. Forgive my slow-processing brain. Trigger’s role is actually unnecessary, but for this on-screen cameo, Beckham did a decent job, I guess.

Taking over the kingdom seemed an easier job than I thought it would have. If I may, the whole duration was wasted in the orientation part and Arthur’s life shot. It’s not that exhilarating and heart-stopping. It didn’t feel exactly clicked to me because I don’t see Arthur’s struggle on developing himself as the rightful king. Another (frivolous) thing that bugs me is the fact that Astrid Berges-Frisbey’s accent ruins the English-ness of the whole setting.

Outside that, I really liked the whole cast. Some of their physique suited the legend’s characters’ image in my head, and I deeply admired their skills of acting because even if I was a bit let down by several errors, they still managed to blend themselves in their roles and had completely absorbed me in their universe. And nice effects! I am no animation student or even a film expert here but hey, I love these kind of things. They truly did a great job in this movie.

To sum it up, the cast? Gold. The effects? Bombs. But the plot
? Sorry to say this, but, thumbs down. I know this is an innovative remake, but I still stick to my perception of the original Camelot. (Subjective, I know. Do you ever find an objective movie review, though?) So overall, I gave this film 6.5/10. Good job, although it could be way better.

That’s all for now, will be back again for the next PotC film. Thanks for reading this rant, cheerio!


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