wanderlust: a bucket list pt. 1;

Hey everyone, I’m back and I’m VERY happy to announce that the finals weeks are finally over!


Of course, there’s still GPA and other stuff to think about but hey, I have no burden whatsoever for now!

Thinking back to the last eleven days, struggling to comprehend a lot of theories, catching up with the latest news from various media, and racing with deadlines, I found myself struck by a great wave of wanderlust. In the middle of studying, there had been a number of times where Pinterest and Spotify accompanied me while I grew bored with my own handwritten notes.

I had created a new playlist that has Latin/Spanish songs in it (you name it, Selena, J.Lo, Enrique Iglesias, Luis Fonsi, Shakira, etc.) and some Thai-pop too. And if you take a peek on my Pinterest browsing history, you will find a lot of vacation destinations left there as a proof of my boredom. So what is the correlation of my music taste and my Pins?

Answer: Both Spain and Thailand have notable beaches that are considered some of the most beautiful paradises on Earth, in which, their music too had given me the vacation vibes as I imagined myself chilling in the shore drinking some coconut water.

Dang. I do need some fancy getaways this month.

And since I can only save up some money and list the places I want to visit, let’s break down Chella’s travel bucket list.

1. Murcia, Spain


Thanks to 2017 Latin summer anthem, Despacito, I really want to go here. This place, unlike some other destination, is a little less untouched by tourist, probably because it is located approximately 5 hours car ride from Barcelona and 4 hours car ride from Madrid. The still pristine beaches and the gothic architecture structures of Plaza del Cardenal Belluga got me hooked immediately.

Honorable mention of destinations of the same country: Segovia and Salamanca, Castile y León. Roman architectural sites for the ones whom are a bit of history & culture geek like me.

2. Lake Bled, Slovenia


I want to go here in winter. I mean, look at that lake reflecting the snowed lands. The buildings looked like castle in an isolated island surrounded by woods and it would be really nice and cozy if I can stare at that view with a cup of rum-infused hot chocolate (I’ll give you the recipe sometime). As an only child raised with Eastern values, you have the obligation to obey your parents, even when you travel. My parents, who albeit love winter scenery, cannot stand of the cold. So every time we go to a four-season country, they will want to go in either Spring or Summer.

(Sorry mum, dad, I will go here in winter alone. I promise I’ll take you both here in Spring as soon as I have the money, though.)

Honorable mention of destinations of the same country: still nothing. I will update this post when I come up with one. Sorry for the inconvenience!

3. Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland


Lake, again. I know. But this place, hear me, is fairy tale-ish. Those valleys, I can imagine how fresh and cool the breeze there. I would love to take a toe dip here. And maybe, if I get lucky, I may find some fairies hiding here too! 😉

Honorable mention of destinations of the same country: Neist Point. I heard the lighthouse has quite a scenery so why not?

4. Zao Fox Village, Japan


The moment I heard about this destination for the first time, my jaw dropped for 2 main reasons: 1) I literally didn’t know there’s a place like this in Japan where you can cuddle and pet fluffy foxes; 2) I bloody love foxes. They’re my spirit animal lol. I did a little research on this place and now I want to live there forever and ever and ever and ever.

I have been saving some money to travel to Japan with my best friends (God I hope I don’t jinx it *crosses fingers*) and have some quality girls time there. We had been planning this for years (if my memory serves me right, I was 13 years old and this year, I’m turning 19. Beat that procrastination.) and finally, and now we are seriously saving a lot. This place isn’t on our bucket list, but maybe if we have enough time, we can manage.

Honorable mention of destinations of the same country: Wisteria Tunnel. Good photo spot, especially in Spring. If there’s some fairy lights hanging inside the tunnel at evening-night, I will experiment with bokeh and flares in my photographs lol.

5. Phi Phi Island, Thailand


This place is probably the most mainstream out of the five, as it is one of the highest grossing tourism spot in Thailand. One of the reason I want to come back to this country is the food. What an unforgettable Tom Yum Goong I had there. As it bears similarities of commodities to Indonesia, some coconut water would be marvelous. The night life in the lands of Thai always brings the lively and festive atmosphere.

And again, look at the vibrant hues there, the blue and the greens. I know it might be colour plays, but hey, sunlight too highlights some genuine beauty.

Honorable mention of destinations of the same country: Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. I am fascinated by the culture there. I would love to study more about their philosophies of neck rings.

Aaaand that’s pretty much it. For now. The list keeps getting longer as I grow older, just like my books-to-buy-list. Man. Why are things are so expensive these days.

end note: all pictures here are not mine (obviously), and all of my gratitude and love for the sources. do contact me if you want to take the pictures down!





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