the right conjunction;

“I love you because you understand me.” he said out of the blue, rolling the pen in his palm whilst waiting for me to hand him the cup of tea I had been brewing. Contrary to the freshly hot ceramic, his hands were cold—I could feel it the moment they slightly touch mine as he reached for the drink.

Clouds of steam floated freely in the air, spreading the tangy scent of various citrus infusion. The space on the couch next to him was immediately filled by my presence.

“Well, that’s just instinctual behaviour. People tend to love the ones who understand them.” I responded while softly blowing onto the roasted brown liquid’s hot surface.

“Okay, then. Let me try again.” He sighed and threw his head back against the couch. A breath, a pause, and he continued where he left off.

“I love you, so that you know just how much I can give my affection and time for you.”

My brow raised in bewilderedness.

“And? Were you expecting me to return the favour? You know it well, that’s not love.”

The crease on his forehead deepened. As his eyes were closing in, I took a sip and let the warmth of my tea smeared my tongue until it streamed down into my throat. Amusement immediately took over me, sculpting a smile on my face that turned to a chuckle—he had never thought about something this much in the time span we have been together.
Then, to my surprise, his hand reached for mine. He held it tight, then kissed the back of my hand gently that I could feel the genuinely loving self of his.

It was the moment I knew he had finally figured the riddle out.

“I love you, even though you have flaws—“ he cleared his throat “—and everything that constantly gives me a reason not to hold on to you. But I love you, that I thought I could never leave you alone fighting your demons.”

for y o u, regent.

this excerpt was inspired by one of the homilies I heard at church. all the love and kudos for the priest who inspired me to make this piece!❤️


2 thoughts on “the right conjunction;

  1. ros says:

    Was your priest inspired by that quote that went like “Love is not ‘if’ and ‘because’, it is ‘anyway’ and ‘even though’ and ‘in spite of’.” ? Cus damn. This some deep stuff bruh

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