the big bang theory of love;

I remembered

in our past lives,

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I think their existence is completely underrated, aside of being able to grab, hold, and touch objects surrounding you. All those intricate lines and different receptor made it possible to distinguish a lot of things. Temperature, texture, solidity, shape, and other various aspects.

What people has forgotten, is that hands kill. It’s easy to see people finding comfort behind a trigger, a sharp thing, or even a gizmo with letters on it screens. Cruel and unimaginable ones would come out and take lives, just like that.

For me, I love to use them to heal other people, with the art of physical touch. Whether it’s only my fingertips slightly meeting the back of my dad’s hands, or hugging my best friend whenever I come back to my hometown, or maybe caressing my little niece’s hair whilst she is falling asleep; I can feel them tingling as love comes out of the edges of my hands.


how to define a beautiful day;

If you think about that day again, it was truly a beautiful day.

The way the sun was not interrupted by the daily evening rain, the sound of the commuting train against its rail, busy steps of the people around you, and the smell of the books you were bringing home.

But at the end of the day, your heart decided it was a gloomy day despite the sun, despite the scent of the old books you love, despite the crowd that accompanied you the whole day—all because one person just didn’t love you enough.